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United States
  • Listening to: Remind me
  • Reading: Drivers Ed book
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: .Hack//G.U.
  • Eating: Kit-Kat
  • Drinking: Water
Eight Random Facts

1. I don't have any mirrors in my room, and I cannot sleep with my closet door open

2.  I have secerts which I will not share with a soul

3.  My ego is bigger than texas, but one thing said by someone I look up to and I loose all of it

4. I find germans sexy

5. I love roller coasters but i am scared of hights

6. I'm in love

7. I'm a hopeless romantic

8.  I have a little brother

75 Questions

1) Nick Name(s): Kitty, Kart-wheel, songgo, Daft Kitty-Cat, Moo Moo, Kirmit

2) Who do you think you look like: People say I look like Avril Lavigne

3) Birthday: September ......

4) Place of Birth and Current Location: Texas Texas

5) Nationality: American

6) Astrology Sign: Virgo

7) Chinese Astrology: Snake

8) Religion: None? IDK

9) What's your favorite smell: lemons

10) Political Position: None

11) What do you prefer to drink in the morning: Chocolate Milk

12) Hair+Eye color: Light Brown-Hazel

13) Do you look like anyone famous: ^^^^ **look at two ^^^

14) Any unusual talents: I can put the back of my foot on my tummy :3

15) Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous: Righty

16) What do you do for a living: I just quit my job

17) What do you do for fun: Draw, play video games... read

18) What Kind of material do you like to use: Paper, Pencil, Colored Pencils, Sharpy

19) What kind of materials would you like to work with: Paint =w =

20) What celebrity would you date if you could: will Smith lol nice bodeh

21) Favorite place to be: In the forest

22) Least favorite place To be: My old job

23) Do you burn or tan: I tan, but I hate the sun

24) Ever break a bone: I cracked my collar bone

25) What is your favorite cereal: Triiix

26) Person you cry with: Chris

Do You Have...

27) Any sisters: nyu

28) Any brothers: yes

29) Any pets: a dog

30) An Illness: ADHD... dislexa?

31) A visible birthmark: On my back

32) A pool or hot tub: pool

33) A car: a working one

Decribe Your:

34) Personality: cute yet stubborn

35) Your clothing style: Jeans and t-shirt?

36) Room: Random

37) Relationship with your parents: IDk?

38) Do you believe in yourself: Yes and no

39) Do you believe in love at first sight?: Hmm maybe

Do you:

40) Save your emails: no

41) Pray: not really...

42) Believe in reincarnation: No.

43) Brush your teeth twice a day: Yep

44) Like to talk on the phone: to certin people

45) Like to eat: I like to eat food?

46) Like to exercise: hikeing and danceing

47) Like to watch sports: nooo

48) Sing in a car: Oh yes

49) Do you have nightmares: Sometimes

50) Sleep with a stuffed animal: yes XD

51) Right next to you: a cup o water

52) On your coffee cup: a cow

53) On your mouse pad: star trak

54) Your favorite flavor of gum: orbits

55) Your brand of deodorant: one that keeps me from stinking

56) Your dream honeymoon spot: Ireland or London

57) Your bad time of day: when I have to get up

58) Your worst fear(s): Being alone, looseing that one person

59) What's the weather like: Its...... night?

60) What's your favorite time of year: Winter <3

61) Your favorite holiday: Holloween/christmiss

62) A material weakness: Anime/Chocolate

63) The hardest thing about growing up: Learning thing on your own

64) Your scariest moment: meh?

65) The worst feeling in the world: Rejection

66) The Best feeling in the world: being around loved ones

67) Who sent this to you: Axel <3

68) What's your favorite color: Purple

69) If you could do anything you'd like to be, what would it be: A teacher

70) What's your favorite food: Rice

71) What's your favorite yaoi pairing: Random... O_o uhm.... heheheheheheheheh XDDDDDDDD ZP knows~

72) Are you a morning or an evening person: Evening

73) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?: I guess I wouldn't change anything. Why change?

74) Reality or Fantasy: Fantasy?

75) Tag 7 people:
ZP, Isham..... Joe, Kyle, and three random people


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